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Slander the Dander!  How to control the pet dander that infests your home.

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Pets can be our best friends. But, if you have allergies or asthma, they can be your worst enemy as well. Pet dander is full of allergens that when released into the air can cause allergy and even asthma flare-ups. Not a fun thing when you have a pet that is your family. The best thing you can do is try to control the dander so that you breathe better and your life is more enjoyable. Hiring a cleaning service to come in once a week can help. They can remove the dander in places you didn’t even think of. In addition to hiring a Philadelphia maid service, here are some simple steps to keep the dander from infesting your home:

Clear the air

Use air cleaners throughout the house. Use a high-efficiency HEPA air cleaner. Clean the filter frequently to remove dust and dander. Air cleaners clean the air around you, trapping dander and other particles so that you can breathe easier.

No carpet

Avoid carpeted floors. Carpeted floors catch dander that isn’t easily spotted and harder to remove than hard surfaces like hard wood and tiled floors. On a harder surface, you can see and sweep the dander much easier.

Wash Linens

Wash linens often such as couch covers, pillows, curtains and pet beds. Dander settles on these objects and can cause major allergic reactions.

Bath Time

Bathing your pet on a regular basis reduces the level of allergy-causing dander. Make sure you use products that are labeled specifically for your pet and check with your local veterinarian if you aren’t 100% sure what to use.

No Dogs Allowed

Create a pet-free zone in your home. Strictly prohibit the pet to have access to one room (maybe the allergic person’s room) in the house.  This will create a safe place for the person allergic to the pet to go to when the flare-ups come.

Maybe it isn’t Fido

Don’t be so quick to blame the family pet. Your allergies may not be specifically related to pet dander but in fact, could be more than one allergen. Focus on all possible causes in your environment that may be causing the allergies, not just the pet allergy.

Clean, clean, clean!

Dusting as often as possible will keep dander to a minimum. Use vacuum cleaners that are equipped with a HEPA filter. For the heavy, weekly cleaning it may be helpful to call on a maid service. They can focus on the dander if that is what you specify when speaking with them and clean in areas you may easily forget.

Executive Maids is a well-known Philadelphia maid service.   We can focus on pet dander if that is an area of high concern for you. We don’t want you to give up your pet over an issue that is easy to resolve. We understand the ways in which to clean the allergens from your home and know where to clean in order to reduce the amount of pet dander in your home. You shouldn’t have to give up your pet over allergies and we won’t let you.

Give us a call today and let us help you to continue loving your pet.

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