Philadelphia Summer Cleaning Services

Philadelphia Summer Cleaning Services

Get Ready for summer!


The unofficial start of summer is here! With Memorial Day weekend behind us, we can actually feel the summer beginning. It is a time of sun and fun, endless summer nights and family gatherings outside. If you are like me and love to be outdoors, but actually loathe the outdoors, I can assure you that you are not alone. I love the beach and the ocean but I hate bringing it home with me. I hate sand in my flip-flops, on my car mats and in my home. I love family cookouts but I hate mosquitoes and smoky smelling hair when it’s over. I’m certainly not a Debbie Downer by any stretch of the imagination; I just have a touch of OCD. So what does a girl like me do when summer is here? First, I try to relax about the little things I cannot control. Second, I try to defend myself against the outdoor elements that I can control. Lastly, I hire a maid service to help control summer when it gets into my home.

I can’t control the heat and humidity so I just don’t think about it. I can control mosquito bites and sand everywhere. Whatever is left, I rely on my cleaning service to tackle it. I armor myself and my children heavily with bug repellent when I know we are going to be spending time outdoors. That means, the family picnics as well as time at the beach. When we leave the beach, I carefully shake everything out before anyone gets in the car. If there are shower facilities at the beach, I hose everyone and everything down. When we get home, there is bound to be sand still attached to things. I don’t fret. Everything we used goes into the laundry room. Any untracked sand on my floors gets tackled by the maid service within a few days.

Summer is an exciting time in the Philadelphia area. The winter is behind us and the warm weather is upon us. Time for visiting family and enjoying all that the beautiful outdoors has to offer us. Summer is so short it seems. We really need to take the time to enjoy it without worrying about the elements that can drive us crazy.

I certainly can’t control summer from getting into my home but I can control how I choose to handle it. I hired Executive Maids to come in and clean my home each week. In the summer months, I can work the cleaning schedule around our outdoor activities. If we are at the beach on a Saturday and family cookout on Sunday, I will schedule the ladies to come on Monday. This way my house is fresh and clean and sand free for the week ahead. Now this is something I can control!  Executive Maids will work around your schedule so that you aren’t worrying about summer’s little messes.

If you are looking for a Philadelphia maid service, request a quote online or call them today. They are here to make sure your little nuances don’t drive you crazy!

Call: 215.690.4000


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