Philadelphia’s Best Maid Service

Philadelphia’s Best Maid Service

Secrets of a slob: How Philadelphia’s best maid service saved me!


I have a major secret that I hide from everyone, even my friends and family. I am a slob. I am a very messy, sloppy, single woman who should know better than to keep an unkempt house. I hate cleaning. The thought of pulling out a vacuum cleaner or dust mop sends my brain into overload and I can’t function. If you visit my home, however, you would never know. I hire a maid service to clean my house every week. Secret number two. No one knows this either.

I haven’t always been a slob. When I was younger, my mother would keep our little Philadelphia house very orderly. In return, we learned to keep things very organized as well. My mother was a housewife who never worked a day in her life. It was extremely important to her to run a tight ship and the make sure her children followed in that path. Don’t ever dare think about putting a drink down on the coffee table without a coaster. As a matter of fact, do not think about bringing a drink into the living room at all. As I got older and moved away to college, I started to learn the freedom of throwing my clothes on the floor and leaving dishes in the sink of my off campus apartment. It was my space and I loved the freedom. Then I became a mature, responsible, working adult. I had my own apartment, a career and a fabulous new life. I’ve had that fabulous life for a while now. But I can’t seem to keep it clean. Maybe it’s rebellion from the way my mother raised us. Maybe it’s my prerogative as a working adult. I’m not sure. But what I am sure of is that I can’t keep my life orderly by myself.

I hired Executive Maids over two years ago and they saved my messy, untidy life. I am forever on the go and as I mentioned, I hate cleaning. My job requires me to travel and when I come home from a trip, the last thing I want to see is dust bunnies and cobwebs everywhere. Executive Maids comes every week, usually while I am out of town, like little invisible fairies. They vacuum and dust and wipe down all surfaces. No one ever has to know. They’ve also taught me to be more mindful and less sloppy. Knowing they are coming, I am less likely to leave dishes in the sink or my underwear on the floor. That’s just common courtesy when someone, anyone is coming to your home.

If you are a busy person, no matter what your circumstances are, consider hiring Executive Maids. They will change your life forever, just like they did mine. They are professional, courteous and serve the Philadelphia area. Call them today to learn about their pricing and scheduling. They are discreet if you need them to be so no one ever has to know your secret either.

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