Professional Cleaning in Montgomery County

Professional Cleaning in Montgomery County

Clean home, new start


Congratulations on your new home! It’s a fresh, new start for you and your family and the future lies in front of you. The closing on the house just happened and you have the keys in hand. Excited to get your belongings out of the moving van and into your very own home, you step in the front door and realize the former owners left the house in shambles. Dirt and debris is everywhere. The windows are filthy and they appliances are a mess. You quietly turn around, close the door behind you and call a professional cleaning company in Montgomery County to make this all go away. What a way to start your new life.

You made sure that you left your old house in perfect condition. After all, you didn’t want the new tenants to think you were a slob. And now, that is exactly what you are thinking about the former residents of your new abode. When we move, just as we want to care for the place we left behind, we expect the same to be done for us. A clean home means a new start. In this case, a dirty home is off to a bad start.

If you have the option to stay where you are or with family members, it may be a great idea to call a cleaning service before you move your belongings in. This way no one is cleaning around your boxes and you are getting a deep clean before you put your stamp on the new house. What exactly does the clean entail and how are you going to feel after it’s done? Ask a maid service and find out what they can do for you. Hiring a cleaning service isn’t just to keep your house clean when you can’t; they are skilled at cleaning for a number of reasons.

At Executive Maids, we understand how stressful and frustrating a move can be and yet, at the same time, thrilling and exciting. The last thing you want to see are dust bunnies rolling over the flooring in your new place. Our team will come in and zap those dust bunnies. We can give your new home a deep clean so that you can feel comfortable moving in with your belongings. We will wash down baseboards and cabinets, deep clean the floors and carpets, remove any dust anywhere in the home and give your house a great cleaning that you can’t wait to step inside your new home! You will be excited to open those doors knowing that it’s not only a new start but also a clean one.

If you are planning a move, or have already done it, don’t get upset over a less than stellar house. Let Executive Maids clean for you so that you can focus on the more important things, like your new start. Hiring a professional cleaning service in Montgomery County should be your first step into your new life. A clean home after all, is a new start.

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