Save Up to $60 off Your Next Cleaning!!!

Save Up to $60 off Your Next Cleaning!!!

People do not want to rely on what they see on a website when they are shopping for a new House Cleaning Service..


Positive Testimonials give people peace of mind when making purchase decisons.  So, if you would take a few minutes to post one or a few positive testimonias about Executive Maids the we would like to thank you by taking $10 off your next cleaning  for each testimonial that you post This could possibly give you a $60 discount off your next cleaning!


Below are links to 6 websites that you can post to.   If you have suggestions for others, please do not hesitate to call or email us about other testimonial sites. 





After you open these links there is a link to click on that will allow you to write a review (post a testimonial).    Please call or email us after you post testimonials so that we can credit your account for your positive testimonials. 


Thank you so much for your willingness to support Executive Maids.