Springtime for Maid Service in Philadelphia!

Springtime for Maid Service in Philadelphia!

Spring Cleaning: A time to deep clean the house and welcome the warmer weather!


Spring is approaching and, according to tradition, spring-cleaning is the most practical time to clean after a long, cold winter.  It is the first time in many months that you can open your windows to air out the dust and let the fresh air come in.  Spring-cleaning is also used to describe any sort of deep cleaning, no matter when it takes place.

Springtime has always indicated a time of renewal and regrowth.  Your house should reflect that same freshness that comes with leaving the cold winter months behind and welcoming the warmer weather.  It is an opportunity to throw open the windows, let some fresh air in, and make your home a clean, happy and efficient space.

A professional spring-cleaning incorporates heavier, more time-consuming chores with routine tasks such as dusting, cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the bathroom and washing/vacuuming the floors. In addition to routine cleaning, it can include washing your windows and moving the furniture to clean in all the nooks and crannies.  Your house becomes stagnant in winter.  You neglect certain areas of your house because it is just too cold to do deep cleaning.  The windows go unwashed, the vacuuming becomes less frequent and the basement and/or attic becomes the dumping ground for all those holiday decorations and presents with no organization in site.  Hiring a professional maid service to do your deep spring-cleaning is a great way to make sure every area is cleaned to give you a clean slate and fresh start in welcoming the spring and summer months.

Executive Maids can conduct a thorough cleaning of your home to get it ready for spring and summer.  You don’t realize how desperately your house needs a deep cleaning after the cold months.  As flu season leaves and allergy season approaches, it is important to deep clean for your health sake. Having a clean home can have other money saving benefits as well.  Having less mess and clutter can lead to greater productivity. Plus you’ll be more inspired to keep up with your cleaning after you’ve gotten a fresh start!

Get your home in shape for the summer months and family get-togethers.  Let Executive Maids do the heavy cleaning for you so you can tackle much more important things in life. Part of spring-cleaning is doing all of that "deep cleaning" that you put off all winter long. Executive Maids can do the work for you in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it by yourself.  With our commercial grade cleaning supplies and equipment, we are sure to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

You can always set a weekend aside to get that spring-cleaning done.  However, for those that would rather seek out the help of a Philadelphia area maid service, we at Executive Maids promise that we will meet every single demand that you make! After all, cleaning is our specialty and we are not satisfied with our services unless our clients truly are! To hear more about our cleaning services, please give us a call today! Serving Philadelphia Tri-Counties and Burlington & Camden Counties.

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