The Best of the Best Phila. Maid Service

The Best of the Best Phila. Maid Service

We do our best to be the best


At Executive Maids, our goal is to make sure we get your home clean and fresh. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and consistently work to keep you satisfied. When you are looking for the best maid service in Philadelphia, you can count on us. We do our best to be the best maid service for you and your family.

Here are just a few reasons why we are the best:

Great cleaning system

Our system works best with a three-member team. The team takes a systematic approach towards cleaning your home. Each team consists of either three or four cleaners, which includes the team supervisor.  All cleaners have been trained to clean thoroughly and systematically, the Executive Maids way.  All cleaners wear Executive Maids uniforms.   The supervisor cleans with the team and then upon completion of the cleaning, the supervisor will inspect the home to ensure it has been cleaned thoroughly.

Competitive rates

Many factors determine the length of time that it takes to clean a home the first time we clean it. Every home is different. Some are tidy and some are not. Some have been maintained and some have not. Fees are based upon the size of your home, number of people and pets living in the home and frequency of cleanings. Call our office to discuss your home and needs and we will provide pricing and availability information.


We are upfront and honest about all of our cleaning services as well as our company background. There is no need to lie about anything and we don’t have any hidden fees. We tell you exactly what it will cost to clean your home before any cleaning is done. We want you to be satisfied with our cleaning but we also want you to feel comfortable with our pricing and with us.


You can trust us to do an outstanding job and if for some reason, you are not satisfied, we will do it again. We come into your home most likely when you aren’t home so you need to be able to have a level of trust with us while we clean your house.

Reliable employees

All employees go through rigorous training and background checks are done. We are very selective in our hiring process because we understand that these are the people who will be coming into your home to clean. Our employees represent us and we are not about to put our reputation or your home on the line.

These are a few of the reasons we are known for being the best maid service in Philadelphia. You won’t be disappointed with our quality of work and we guarantee you will be satisfied the first time.

Feel free to compare Executive Maids to other cleaning services. We do our best to be the best. And, as a matter of fact, Philadelphia has named us Best of Philadelphia Maid Service since 2009.

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