The Maid Who Cleans in Philadelphia

The Maid Who Cleans in Philadelphia

The maid


Who is the maid that actually cleans your house? We talk about the best maid service in Philadelphia but why is it the best? Who are these little cleaning fairies that come into your home? It’s important to research any company that you allow into your home for any reason, but it’s also important to research the actual people working for that company. This is especially true of a maid service because most likely, the employees that are assigned to your home will be the same people who come in every time to clean for you, and most likely when you aren’t home. So you need to know who they are.

Inadequate cleaning, unreliability and theft are all factors to consider when hiring a cleaning service. If you don’t do your homework before hiring a cleaning service, you could end up with a disaster on your hands and in your home. You should be asking your cleaning service who they hire, what background checks are done and if there have been any instances. You should check references and reviews. You should have full names of the professionals that are actually coming into your home and do your own research. Sounds a bit much? Not really. In fact, professional cleaning companies welcome you do to your own due diligence.

Executive Maids is one such company who advise you to check up on them. You can request documentation that their workers are reliable and trustworthy. They will offer references and show you where to find reviews on their company and their maids. Executive Maids understands your concerns. This is your home, your sanctuary and the place you feel the most safe. You don’t want someone coming in to disrupt that peace. Executive Maids understands this and strives to make you feel comfortable prior to doing any cleaning in your home.

Executive Maids pride themselves on their trustworthiness. Founder and owner Dawn Zapf understands this better than anyone. She will not allow anyone to work for her company that is less than stellar. She expects the best in order to give the best. Her screening process is thorough. Every person she hires to clean homes goes through an extensive background check and is monitored through the beginning of their career by a supervisor who will make sure there is nothing to be concerned over.

One of the best aspects of Executive Maids is that every cleaning job is done with a 3-4-person team. That means that every time the Executive Maids team comes to your house to clean, they are not alone. This not only ensures that every inch of your home is cleaned thoroughly and effectively, but no one is left alone in your home. A team effort will give you peace of mind about security and confidence knowing that your house is being cleaned in the best manner possible.

If you are looking for the best maid service in Philadelphia, in all aspects of the meaning, contact the Executive Maids team today.

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