The Maids in the Chic Pink Cars

The Maids in the Chic Pink Cars


Executive Maids Stands Out.   Executive Maids house cleaners stand out because they wear pink Executive Maids uniforms. 

Executive Maids Stands Out.  Our Chic Pink Fleet can be seen all over Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County as well as Burlington County, NJ and Camden County, NJ.  People spot them on the road and send us pics of them.  We love that.


About our House Cleaners: 

Before any cleaner is hired we perform background and criminal history checks on them. Executive Maids is Security Conscious.

We train our cleaners to clean the Executive Maids’ way of cleaning which is systematic and detailed.  Executive Maids is Thorough.

Executive Maids is a friendly and warm environment to work. 

Most of our cleaners have been with us for many years.

Executive Maids respects and stands behind each and every one of our House Cleaners.

Executive Maids is a Great Company to Work For.


About our Chic Pink Fleet:

Fleet management is as important to us as cleaning, maintaining and keeping your home looking beautiful with every cleaning.

Our Chic Pink Fleet of vehicles is maintained regularly so that our clients have peace of mind that when their home is scheduled to be cleaned their home will indeed be cleaned.  Executive Maids is Reliable.