Top Reasons For Hiring Executive Maids

Top Reasons For Hiring Executive Maids

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We are the best and we will impress and amaze you!!!

Read on to find out why we feel we are better and much different from the other cleaning companies.


Some facts that make Executive Maids stand above other cleaning services in our area are:


Customer Service – our clients are each treated individually. There are no cookie cutter jobs for us. We personalize every client’s home by creating detailed client information cards with the details and preferences of each and every client. There is a supervisor on each team who not only cleans with the other cleaners, but she inspects every home to make sure that it has been cleaned properly.


Testimonials – Our clients love Executive Maids and are so loyal to us. Some of our clients are so wonderful and send us beautiful testimonials that they allow us to post on our website. Feel free to glean over them..  We post new testimonials fairly regularly.


Quality Control Checks – we never just clean and say good bye to a client. Every client receives a Quality Control Check after his/her initial cleaning. We gleen from these Quality Control Checks several things: if the client was happy with the cleaning, if they feel there is anything we can do to improve our service and if they would like to have Executive Maids maintain their home on a regular basis. Then throughout the year we do periodic Quality Control Checks to make sure that our clients standards are maintained.


Hiring and Training – Before anyone is hired by Executive Maids we do a criminal history check, verify previous employment history and go through a fairly rigorous interview. Only people who we feel would best represent Executive Maids are hired. Then we train each of the new employees in a one on one setting.


Low turn over rate – Most of our staff have been with us for many years. Some for more than 15 years. We have only about 1/5 of our employees who have been with us less than 2 years. Also, many, many times if a cleaner has left Executive Maids for one reason or another they request to be rehired because they like working for Executive Maids and realize that we are a good company to work for. Why is that? I am a woman business owner. I understand women’s issues with respect to working mothers. I know how to treat people. I treat my staff the way I would want to be treated if I were an employee.

Friday Morning Staff Meetings – We meet with everyone on our staff on Fridays to go over the information gleaned from our Quality Control Checks and to provide ongoing training. We give praise and reminders to the staff at these meetings.


Keep In the Know by visiting our Website and Facebook page regularly.  We continually update our website blog (the section is called LEARN ABOUT)

The Executive Maids Blogs include:  Amazing Service, Helpful Hints, Just for Fun, Positive Inspiration, Promotions, Quick Tips, The Service Areas that we cover, and other articles that our readers might find interesting or fun to read.

Philanthropy – Executive Maids has partnered with Cleaning For A Reason ( This organization matches female cancer patients with cleaning services who volunteer their services for free to clean for the patients. Their goal is the same as our goal. We want to give them free cleanings so that they have one less thing to worry about or do. Going through treatments is enough to worry about. We want them to just focus on getting well again.


We also donate to several of organizations such as Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, a Lymphoma Leukemia charity, Philadelphia and Cheltenham Police and Fireman’s associations on a regular basis. We feel it is important to give back to the communities that we serve.



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