Top Tips from a Philadelphia Cleaning Company

Top Tips from a Philadelphia Cleaning Company

Executive Maids Presents…
Simple Tips to a Clean and Organized Home


With the fast paced nature of life in the 21st century, it’s easy for one to find themselves in the living room surrounded by clutter at the end of the week. This is especially common after moving to a new house. After all, it’s hard enough that one has to work a full-time job, run their homes and unpack boxes without having to think about the stress of organizing the home. Organizing a home is something that is absolutely necessary for peace of mind, relaxation, less stress and very much worth the time as well as energy that you put into it.

In addition, it requires little effort to maintain, and the reward for doing so is beyond monumental! If you don’t get what we are talking about, imagine a scenario…

You have to look for your misplaced keys every morning for 10 minutes. This would translate to better than 60 hours in a year, meaning that you spend almost three days every year just looking for keys!

Being a proactive homeowner and ensuring that your home stays organized is the best way to ensure that you will not lose your sanity and that other members of the household will enjoy the benefits of a structured home. Below we take a look at a few simple tips for clean and organized home.

  1. A basket by the stairs ensures that someone heading upstairs can pick something that needs to be on the other floor
  2. Extra bags for trashcans and wastebaskets in the containers helps eliminate the need to store them separately and having to run to and from rooms to get extra bags
  3. Ensure that in every closet there is a laundry basket
  4. Hooks on entryways and hallways are a great way to keep things like backpacks, coats, and others off the floor
  5. Labels are a great way to keep your house organized and they also allow you to access what you need faster
  6. The countertop in your bathroom can be kept clear by buying shower caddy organizers and keeping everything under the sink. A small magnetic strip under the bathroom counter is a great way to store stuff like tweezers.
  7. Designate an area near the door where you can store anything you need before you leave the house. This can range from a standalone wardrobe for shoes and coats to a shelf for smaller things like keys.
  8. A designated area for storing your bills and other important documents can help keep the kitchen and countertops from getting overrun by mail
  9. This has circulated around the Internet for a while, but it’s brilliant… amazing uses for a Bulldog Clip

Did you know…

that you can order a special service from Executive Maids that will have our maids organize an area in your house for you? While we’re primarily a cleaning company, we love special projects! Perhaps your pantry needs a complete overhaul to better structure how things are arranged. Maybe that stack of papers needs to be filed and organized. We can get rid of piles of…well..stuff all over your house that adds to the clutter and mess. Think maid service plus!

If you need help, consider Philadelphia’s Executive Maids, one of Philly’s best cleaning companies that can help organize your home and maintain it at an affordable cost.

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