Trusted Business Professionals for Businesses

Trusted Business Professionals for Businesses

Trusted Business Professionals for Businesses

All of my clients know that I am dedicated to providing them with the most professional and thorough house cleaning service possible. I’d like to introduce you to trusted business professionals who run their businesses as professionally as I do. I meet with all of them for lunch once a week. We refer business to each other. I personally know each person and can stand behind their work. I would be very glad to introduce you to any of them if you would like to talk to them about their services. 

How long has it been since you met with your business vendors? It might be a good time to review what you are currently doing. My colleagues are not pushy at all. They can review what you have or discuss the services that you are using. You might find out that what you have or who you are using is doing a great job for you. But if one of my colleagues can save you money or provide you with better services, then taking a phone call from any of them that you might need would definately be worth it to you. 

Call me or send an email to get their contact information. 

Also, if you would like to become one of my, trusted business professionals whom I can refer to my clients, then please call me to talk about your product or service.   



Some of the professionals that I meet with and trust to do good business with you are: 

Business Consultant 

Most business owners had two main goals when they started their business, to gain control of their time and to make enough money to do whatever they wanted with that time. Is your business achieving these goals for you?? If you are not happy with where your business is heading, he can help guide you and teach you how to improve your daily operations, increase your sales and help you to use your time more wisely so that you have a personal life again. He is a solution man. I’ve hired him to help me improve the running of Executive Maids. 

Online Presence 

Today having an online presence is vital to every business – whether a small business or a large business. If your website is not producing sales for you, or not enough, then you should give our internet specialist a phone call. He does wonders for websites so that the people who need your services will find you easily when searching on the internet. 


Website Builder 

If you do not have a website, or if your website is dull or if you just haven’t updated your site in a long time, you must talk with my website designer. His talent and site designing goes far beyond the Executive Maids website. He does simple sites and highly technical and elaborate sites. You must see his repertoire of the sites he has created. 


Property, Auto and Business Insurance 

This professional is amazing. He will take a look at the coverage that you have and will either tell you that what you have is great or he will offer you a better product for less money. He works with Executive Maids and my staff. 


Health Benefits 

Does your company offer health benefits? If they are not good benefits or if you think your premiums are out of line, you should talk to our Health Benefits Specialist. He works with all the top rated companies and gets the best rates possible for his clients. Your Human Resources Department or the owner of any small business should talk to him to get a good comparison or products and rates. 


Professional Bookkeeping 

This is great for small business owners who do not have the time to keep up with their bookkeeping. They will come to your site as often as need be to get your books straight and will keep you up to date with your bookkeeping. 


Payroll Services 

 Great for small to large businesses. You may already have a payroll company. But this company is different and has a lot to offer. You may be doing your own payroll. Hiring a payroll company will free up your time and give you peace of mind that everyone is paid properly and all taxes are filed properly. And, payroll services does not cost as much as you think. Hiring a payroll company will be one of those decisions you make that you will say, "I should have done this years ago." 


Graphic design and Advertising 

Word-of-mouth advertising is the surest way to get a great introduction. But when you need to leave some great reminders that sum up the advantages that you have to offer your clients, you need great graphic design and a seasoned advertising veteran to get the most impact from your efforts. She works with a terrific company that specializes in start-ups, new advertising, as well as refreshing older business images. She will  introduce you to cost-conscious advertising at its most attractive. 


Office Supplies 

Your business uses a lot of office supplies to run, pencils, paper, toner, inks and office furniture, desks, chairs and bookcases. Just because it is a popular big box store doesn’t mean that you are getting the best prices for your hard-earned dollar. For personal service, overnight deliveries, no minimum orders, and great savings over the known stores, I have a great connection for you. I work with them, you should too. 


Professional Office Organizer 

Do you have a hard time finding things in your office? Are you wasting a lot of time (money) trying to find important documents. Is your mess out of control? Our Professional Office organizer will come into your place of business whether you just need one office or all of your offices organized and she will set up systems for you that will create a better working environment. These systems she sets up are easy for you to maintain. And you will no longer be wasting precious time searching for important things in your office anymore. 


Full Service Packing and Moving and Storage 

Local and long distance. These professionals will take care of your belongs when they are packing and moving them from your old home to your new home. This company is very well known and really takes care of their clients. 


Carpet and Flooring Installation and Repairs 

Better products, better prices and a lifetime of service to homeowners and businesses. He installs carpeting, hardwood flooring-all types and specialty flooring such as rubber flooring for fitness centers as well. He does absolutely beautiful work. Call him before you call the local flooring store or visit your local home improvement store. He, his products and his work will impress you. 


Carpet Cleaning 

Our carpet cleaner does residential and commercial carpet cleaning. He gets rid of odors, stains and germs that are in your carpets that could be making you ill. He’s done work for many of my clients who were all so glad that they hired him. He supervises his teams and will make sure the job is done right. 



 Many people think painting their home will be an easy weekend project. But it will take a lot of your time because you have other things to do besides painting. This family owned business is so amazing. They will give your home a beautiful face lift in a lot less time than it would if you were to tackle painting on your own. They are professional, thorough and very creative. You will be glad that you chose to hire them as opposed to doing it yourself. 

Please call me or send me an email if you would like me to introduce you to any of my trusted business professionals.

Also, if you would like to become one of my, trusted business professionals whom I can refer to my clients, then please call me to talk about your product or service. 

Dawn Hibbs 

Owner, Executive Maids 

215-690-4000 OR 856-608-0300