Trusted Business Professionals for You Personally

Trusted Business Professionals for You Personally

All of my clients know that I am dedicated to providing them with the most professional and thorough house cleaning service possible. I’d like to introduce you to trusted business professionals who run their businesses as professionally as I do. I meet with for lunch once a week. We refer business to each other. I personally know each person and can stand behind their work. I would be very glad to introduce you to any of them if you would like to talk to them about their services. 


Very important….you may already be using the services of an individual whose profession is listed below. Why not take a call to see if what you have (business services, insurance, financial services, etc) or who you are using (for home services) is doing a good job for you. My collegues are not pushy at all. They can review what you have or discuss the services that you are using. You might find out that what you have or who you are using is doing a great job for you. But if one of my collegues can save you money or provide you with better services, then taking a phone call from any of them that you might need would definately be worth it to you.    


Also, if you would like to become one of my, trusted business professionals whom I can refer to my clients, then please call me to talk about your product or service.    



Some of the professionals that I meet with and trust to do good business with you are:    


Financial Advisor    

When was the last time you saw or talked to your financial advisor? If it has been a while I highly recommend you take a call from our financial advisor. He will give you a second opinion of what products you have, make suggestions that would only help to produce more for you. He works with 401k’s, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and retirement plans. He has been doing this since 1993. He knows the market and can definately help you invest your hard-earned money.    


Home, Auto, and Business Insurance    

This professional is amazing. He will take a look at the coverage that you have and will either tell you that what you have is great or he will offer you a better product for less money. He works with Executive Maids and my staff.    


Life Insurance    

The one thing anyone can give his/her family after they’re gone — I hope — is freedom from fear of economic insecurity. I would think that every spouse, especially every breadwinner, wants to do the same. I have arranged that, when I enter immortality my family will not have to worry about money.  


The man who can make that happen even in the worst, rockiest economic climates, even in times of extreme uncertainty is my New York Life Insurance agent. He sells two of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt considered the most basic freedoms of human beings: freedom from fear and freedom from want. He can make certain that the breadwinner can show his love (or her love) in even the most desperate situations. He has seen the difference this planning has made in the lives of families left behind. It is dramatic! I wish I could show to every man and woman who has not bought life insurance, or enough life insurance, how fearful those left behind without enough money are, and how relatively comforted and grateful those who have enough insurance are.   
If husbands/wives could take a moment to foresee what their potential widow/widowers’ lives would be like without their regular paycheck or pension check, their very next call would be to my insurance agent. Weather you already have some or not a current review is vital in ensuring proper planning is in place. And the only cost is finding the time to schedule an appointment.  


Estate Attorney    

He not only creates wills, sets up trusts, power of attorney for property and health (living wills), but he focuses on helping the people set up their estates so that when the time comes that they have to go into an nursing home that the home they go into does take all of their hard-earned assets. He is a professional who knows how important it is to plan for the future. You and your family will be glad that you talked to our Estate Attorney.    


Family Service Counselor (it’s not what you think.)    

As a cemetery counselor and advocate for families, she is assigned the task of explaining the procedures that must be adhered to when a death occurs. I, and I’m sure you as well, would much rather have these conversations before a death occurs.   

Families and individuals make pre-arrangements because they care – they want to avoid the pain they and their families experience at the time of death. Yet ironically, avoidance of pain is the same reason people don’t make pre-arrangements.   

Receiving information on your own time, is by far less stressful than at the time of need – then you are forced to deal with the pressure of being told where to go, what to do and what to spend, when you are in a less than ideal emotional state.   

She will help you figure out what’s best for your family – and there is no cost or obligation to speak with her! You cannot put a price on the peace of mind pre arranging will bring you. Put your house in order!   


Credit restoration / The Credit Woman    

If you have low credit scores, if you have things on your credit report that should not be there. She is the one to call. She will help get your scores up – for FREE. Yes, totally free to you.    


Personal Trainer and Nutritionist    

Are you tired of trying to lose weight only to gain it all back? Do you need some direction in regards to nutrition and exercize? Our trainer will have you looking just the way you want to. All you need is a little direction and accountability. He knows what he is talking about. Several members of my chapter have hired him and they now look incredible. So stop the insanity cycle of dieting and gaining back. Give him a call.    


Gifts for Every Occasion    

Did you just land a big account, do you want to say thank you to that new account for hiring you? Mothers day is coming. Is someone sick in the hospital? There are so many gift giving occasions. Our Gift Specialist creates the most beautiful gift baskets for all occasions with all sorts of unique and beautiful and tasty products. Her gift baskets are beautiful and so are her prices. Her gift baskets will be appreciated by your friends, family and coworkers because they will know that you were thinking of them.    


Please call me or send me an email if you would like me to introduce you to any of my trusted business professionals.    

Also, if you would like to become one of my, trusted business professionals whom I can refer to my clients, then please call me to talk about your product or service.    

Dawn Hibbs    

Owner, Executive Maids    

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